Ave Explores Series

Learn How American Catholics Have Contributed to the Universal Church

Discover the rich tapestry of Catholicism in the United States with the upcoming Ave Explores series. Hosted by Katie McGrady and featuring notable guests such as Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan; Kerry Robinson, CEO of Catholic Charities, and Brian Caulfield, vice postulator of the Bl. Micahel McGivney cause; this series delves into the fascinating history of Catholicism in the US and its enduring influence on contemporary society.

Together, we'll uncover the stories of American saints like St. Frances Xavier Cabrini and St. Elizabeth Seton, learn more about pilgrimages—especially the pilgrimages taking place for the Eucharistic Revival—and sacred sites across the nation and contemplate the vital role Catholics play in areas such as education, healthcare, and charitable work.

Join us as we celebrate the vibrant mosaic of Catholicism in the United States, honoring its past, embracing its present, and charting a course for its future.


Teaser: Catholic Hope in the U.S. with Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan, the 10th Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New York, shares his favorite Catholic churches and places in the United States of America and why he is abundantly hopeful for the Church in America today.

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Week One: The Places and People of the U.S. Catholic Church with Kevin Schmiesing and Meg Hunter-Kilmer

What places hold significance, and who are the key figures in the narrative of Catholicism in the United States of America? Authors Kevin Schmiesing and Meg Hunter-Kilmer share their insights and expertise on the noteworthy locations and influential figures shaping the Church in the United States today.

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Week Two: Our Lady in the Midwest with Fr. Edward Looney and Fr. Nate Wills, CSC

Fr. Edward Looney, author and priest in the Diocese of Green Bay, and Fr. Nate Wills, CSC, chaplain to the University of Notre Dame football team, share the story of Catholicism in the Midwest of the United States, through the lens of Marian devotion and midwestern grit.

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