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In the Apostles’ Creed we profess our belief in the Communion of Saints. But do we really know who the saints are and why the Church makes such a big deal about them? 

Ave Explores: The Saints looks at the process of canonization, how we can grow closer to the saints, and call upon them for support and prayer as we welcome them into our homes and families. We see how the Communion of Saints is far from distant, boring, or confusing, but is instead a beautiful and wonderful part of the life of the Church, and a gift to faithful, everyday Catholics who strive for holiness just like the saints.


Week 1: Understanding the Communion of Saints

Ave Explores: The Saints kicks off this week by examining who the saints are, why they matter, and how we can relate to the communion of saints.

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Week 2: Friendship with the Saints

The second week of Ave Explores: The Saints examines the saints as real people whose struggles and challenges help us grow closer to them as friends.

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Week 3: Diversity of the Saints

This week we explore how learning about saints from all around the world, especially diving into the stories of saints who may have had vastly different experiences than ours, can help us better appreciate the beauty and diversity of the Church.

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Week 4: The Call to Be a Saint

Ave Explores: The Saints wraps up with a final look at how all Catholics are called to seek holiness and become saints.

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