Ave Maria Press is the market leader in textbooks and teacher support resources to accompany a complete four-year theology curriculum for Catholic high schools

Ave Maria Press textbooks are authentic, complete, and in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. We offer textbooks to accompany each of the six core courses and five elective courses of the USCCB curriculum framework. Additional offerings include Scripture study, Introduction to the Catholic Faith, World Religions, Faith and Science, and Apologetics.

Ave Maria Press textbooks reflect a divine pedagogical approach by employing two complementary methods: the experiential, or inductive, method and the kerygmatic, or deductive, method. Our texts build on this foundation by helping students understand how the principles and truths of the faith give meaning and purpose to their lives. Through the study of Scripture, the Creed, the Church, the liturgy and the Sacraments, and Christian morality they are led progressively to a deeper understanding and practice of their faith.

Additionally, we provide an extensive collection of free online support materials for teachers and students, including tests, handouts, lesson plans, study guides, games, puzzles, PowerPoints, mini-courses and much more. Find access to these in our Classroom Resource section.

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