SMARTBoards are not glorified LCD projectors. If you are able to use the SMARTBoard Notebook software properly, you will find yourself ditching PowerPoint for a new kind of direct instruction. One of the many features offered in SMART Notebook, is the ability to create tabs with answers hidden behind an image or outside of the screen. This is a great way to add some interactivity to your presentations. It also provides students with the opportunity to come up to the board and move things (and we all know how much they love to play with the SMART Boards).

(Click to watch SMART Board Tutorial: Using Tabs with Interactive Questions and Answers.)

Creating Tabs with Interactive Questions and Answers

  1. Add an image to hide the answer.
  2. Add a tab or create one yourself.
  3. Replace the label of the tab (i.e. Pull) for a question or word.
  4. Type the answer to the question or the definition of the word.
  5. Arrange the question tab and the answer and group them.
  6. Lock the image that will hide the answer and bring it to the front if necessary.
  7. Move the tab so that the answer is hidden behind the image.

Click on the image below to download the sample SMART Notebook file with the tabs in the video:

SMART Board Tutorial Tabs with Interactive Questions and Answers

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