Most teachers use PowerPoint as the backbone of their direct instruction. Like me, many of these teachers didn’t understand the true potential of the SMART Board when they first got one in their classrooms. IF you have a SMART Board, I’m challenging you to use the SMART Board Notebook software to step up your teaching and move beyond PowerPoint lectures.

SMART Boards are equipped with interactive tools to teach basic concepts and lessons.

Take vocabulary for instance. Those of you who have used the SMART Board Notebooks for Jesus Christ’s God’s Revelation to the World, will notice a few pages with a list of vocabulary definitions. If you click on the vocabulary word, its definition will appear beside it. How do you create something like this for yourself?

SMART Board Video Tutorial: Vocabulary align=

SMART Board Tutorial: Vocabulary Words and Definitions

  1. Type out the vocabulary word and definition as separate objects.

  2. Clone (or copy and paste) the vocabulary word and move it out of the way.

  3. Group the vocabulary word and its definition.

  4. Add object animation: “Fade In” to the grouped word and definition.

  5. Align the cloned vocabulary word over the grouped vocabulary word so that it looks like a single object.

  6. Send the visible vocabulary word to the back. You will still be able to see it, but when you click over it, you will actually be clicking on the invisible grouped version of the word.

  7. Click on the vocabulary word to reveal its definition.

Video Tutorial: