Seriously, God?

Making Sense of Life Not Making Sense
Author: Michael White
Author: Tom Corcoran

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 8, 2021

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Winner of a third-place award in the grief and bereavement category from the Catholic Media Association.

A friend’s child dies; a parent gets a cancer diagnosis; your spouse loses their job. Sometimes life and God’s plan don’t make sense and we end up feeling hurt and angry.

In Seriously, God?, Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran explore the denial, doubt, and betrayal we experience when we face hardship, pain, and grief, and they encourage us to lean into our feelings and to take each circumstance as a chance to learn more about God.

Drawing on personal anecdotes and stories from their parish, White and Corcoran—authors of the bestselling and award-winning book, Rebuilt—share important lessons, including:

  • Even the heroes of the Bible—such as Abraham, Moses, David, and the apostles—experienced situations that caused them to misunderstand God.
  • There is joy in knowing we will forever be getting to know God.
  • Even though life often doesn’t make sense, we shouldn’t assume God doesn’t make sense.

For anyone who has battled suffering, walked away from faith under the pressure of crushing doubt, never felt safe giving faith a chance, or cared about someone who struggles with these realities, this book treats the problems of suffering and evil not as an argument to be overcome but as an invitation to a deeper faith.

Each chapter relies on biblical stories that provide a wonderful introduction to scripture to those who are not familiar with the Bible and a fresh perspective to those who are. Each chapter also includes questions for self-reflection and discussion. A free parish small-group guide and videos from the authors are available online.

This is a perfect book to give as a gift to friends or family members who are grieving, those struggling with doubts about their faith, or those who are new to faith.

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Pages: 192

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781646800841

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

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  • “Hope and inspiration.”

    “This book brims with hope and inspiration for a world desperately lacking both.”

    Chris Stefanick
    Founder and president of Real Life Catholic

  •  “A worthwhile read.”

     “What you’ll find in White and Corcoran’s book is an honest and direct reflection on the age-old challenge of reconciling two seemingly opposed realties: faith in an all-powerful, all-loving God, and living in a world where suffering and sadness prevail all too often. A worthwhile read for those wrestling with this paradox.”

    Curtis Martin
    Founder of FOCUS

  • “This book will challenge you.”

    “This book will challenge you to seek the Lord in every joyful or sorrow-filled chapter of your beautiful life.”

    Mary Lenaburg
    Author of Be Brave in the Scared

  • “A companion.”

    “Grief is often compounded by the complex decisions and questions one faces in the aftermath of loss. The bereaved can look to Seriously God? as a tool, a resource, and most importantly, a companion as they navigate the messy struggle of the spirituality of suffering.”

    Jeannie Ewing
    Author of From Grief to Grace

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