Sorin Starts a School

The Foundation of Notre Dame
Author: Paul Mitchell
Illustrated by: Katie Broussard

Format: Hardcover

Publication date: January 1, 2021


Embark on a captivating journey with Fr. Edward Sorin, CSC, and his companions as they undertake a missionary quest to establish the renowned University of Notre Dame.

Sorin Starts a School: The Foundation of Notre Dame is a charming read-aloud book designed for children aged 4 to 8, offering a delightful retelling of a beloved story that invites readers to witness the unwavering faith and visionary spirit of a dedicated builder.

The pages of this 36-page hardcover book come alive with breathtaking artwork that showcases the campus of the University of Notre Dame. This vivid campus tour through different eras is sure to thrill and captivate young hearts.

Created by siblings Paul Mitchell (author) and Katie Mitchell Broussard (illustrator), both proud alumni of the University of Notre Dame, this enchanting book beautifully combines storytelling with art to bring to life the founding of Notre Dame and invites young readers to encounter the spirituality of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

Join Fr. Sorin on an adventure as he starts a school and let the legacy of Notre Dame inspire the young minds in your family.

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Product Details

Pages: 36

Trim size: 11 x 11 inches

ISBN: 9781736514801

Imprint: Corde Press

  • “A delightful book.”

    “Since 1842, Notre Dame has shared its beauty and its values with one generation after another, helping Our Lady lead our families to faith and hope and love.  Paul Mitchell and Katie Broussard have given us a sweet little book that will help us share this story with our children and strengthen each of us in hope.  Holy Cross values took flesh long ago in the ongoing story of Sorin’s school and now again in this delightful book.”

    Fr. Thomas McDermott, CSC
    Notre Dame University Bangladesh

  • “A wonderful and very honest portrait of Fr. Sorin.”

    “Paul Mitchell has produced a wonderful and very honest portrait of Fr. Sorin and the beginnings of Notre Dame in a catchy poem.  It is clear why this is Our Lady’s school – Sorin’s devotion and her grand response.”

    Fr. Frank Quinlivan, CSC

  • “This a book that is sure to become a family favorite.”

    Sorin Starts a School not only compellingly shares the story at the heart of Notre Dame’s vast legacy. It also opens in our own hearts the opportunities that are possible in this life when we step out in faith with love and purpose as Father Sorin did. Enchanting prose by Paul Mitchell and captivating art by Katie Broussard combine to make this a book that is sure to become a family favorite.”

    Lisa M. Hendey
    Founder of,  and author of I’m a Saint in the Making

  • “A wonderful resource for families.”

    “For all of us who love the Congregation of Holy Cross and the University of Notre Dame, Fr. Sorin’s story is part of our own. I found this book a wonderful resource for families to share that legacy with the next generation.”

    Dan Allen, MDiv
    Associate Director of Spirituality and Service
    Notre Dame Alumni Association

  • “It is a great read for adults.”

    “Do not misconstrue this book as only a children’s book.  It is a great read for adults and all who appreciate the school that Sorin started.”

    Sr. Sallie Latkovich, CSJ
    Director of Biblical Study and Travel Program
    Catholic Theological Union

  • “Read this story.”

    “Read this story and you’ll find yourself seeing Notre Dame in a new way. It exposes the foundations that make the University a unique force for good in the world: trust in God’s providence and the tender care of His mother.”

    Stacey Noem, MDiv
    Director of Human and Spiritual Formation
    University of Notre Dame MDiv Program

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