The Redeeming Conflict Guide for Pastors and Preachers


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Publication date: March 7, 2016

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In her book, Redeeming Conflict, Ann M. Garrido explains how each church community is called to be a school in the art of relationship, enabling its members to grow in the capacities and skills needed to live the Trinitarian life into which they were baptized.

In addition to sponsoring a small-group study of Redeeming Conflict, parishes can reinforce the themes in the book by regularly incorporating them into the commu­nity's preaching and reflection material with The Redeeming Conflict Guide for Pastors and Preachers.

The first half of this resource (pp. 1–12) includes an outline of where Redeeming Conflict themes naturally emerge in the three-year lectionary cycle, with suggestions for how preachers might tie these themes to the readings of the day, particularly the readings that are in bold font. 

The second half of this resource (pp. 13–26) includes sixteen columns that can be inserted into parish bulletins over the course of the three-year cycle.  

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