Becoming Women of the Word

How to Answer God's Call with Purpose and Joy

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: August 2, 2019

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Winner of a 2020 Catholic Press Association book award (third place, scripture-popular studies).

The women God called to bring his chosen people into the world were ordinary women who struggled with emptiness, oppression, infertility, and loss—yet who found strength and hope in God. In her first book, Sarah Christmyer—codeveloper of The Great Adventure Catholic Bible study program—pairs the stories of key Old Testament women with stories of women she has known to show us how we can hear God, say yes to his call, and share him with the world just as they did.

Breaking open the scriptures to reveal the historical, cultural, and biblical context in which Old Testament women lived, Sarah Christmyer breathes new life into their stories and makes their lives surprisingly relatable.  In the process, she shares stories from her own faith journey and the lives of family and friends to show how the same principles that turned ordinary women into heroines of the faith are true for our lives today.

Each chapter of Becoming Women of the Word highlights the spiritual legacy of one or more women in the Old Testament. Their world was vastly different from ours, yet they faced the same questions we do: when we can’t feel God’s presence, where do we find help? When our world is collapsing, where is God? Why should we trust him? How can we trust him?  Christmyer simply and clearly draws from the lives of these women important principles that help us to trust—even as we struggle with doubt. For example:

  • Through Eve, we learn to hold on to God’s promise even when we fail.
  • Sarah reminds us to wait on God’s timing to make us fruitful.
  • Miriam, the sister of Moses, shows how to lead by example.
  • Ruth and Esther challenge us to see womanhood as a gift.
  • Hannah and Judith inspire us to trust God even in matters of life and death.

These unforgettable portraits create a colorful mosaic of faith, encouraging us to mine God’s Word for spiritual treasure and to pass on the gift.

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Pages: 160

Trim size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

ISBN: 9781594718779

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “The Bible comes alive.”

    “Sarah Christmyer makes the women of the Bible come alive for us today, and we find in their faith journeys important lessons for our own.”

    Edward Sri
    Catholic theologian and author of Walking with Mary

  • “Rich, thoughtful, invigorating.”

    Becoming Women of the Word is more than just a rich, thoughtful, invigorating portrayal of heroines of the faith who have gone before us. It also explores practical, non-preachy takeaways of how the ancient truths these women knew can transform our often-frenetic lives today.”

    Ellen Vaughn
    Author of It’s All About Him

  • “Beautiful and personal.”

    “Sarah Christmyer beautifully and personally walks us through the lives of such incredible models as Ruth, Miriam, and Esther, sharing with us not only our rich heritage as modern Catholic women but also examples of true luminaries to help guide each of us on our unique paths to eternity!”

    Katherine Meeks
    Executive director of Endow

  • “An inestimable treasure.”

    “Becoming Women of the Word is an inestimable treasure about the life, struggles, and faith of women of the Old Testament. These life-giving, faith-filled stories of the Bible enable the reader to identify with the challenges and opportunities to continue on the spiritual journey.”

    Catholic Press Association

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