Joyce Rupp’s Lenten Collection (A 3-Book Set)

Author: Joyce Rupp

Format: Paperback

Publication date: November 15, 2023


Introducing Joyce Rupp's Lenten Collection (A 3-Book Set)

Embark on a transformative Lenten journey with bestselling author and renowned retreat leader, Joyce Rupp. This three-book collection invites you to deepen your spiritual practice and draw closer to Jesus, finding inspiration, solace, and guidance in the season of Lent. The three book set includes:

Jesus, Friend of My Soul
“As Christians,” Joyce Rupp writes, “we look to the person of Jesus to learn from him.” Because our lives are filled to the brim with activity, it is easy to drift away from trying to live as Jesus did, and we find ourselves in need of time to focus on drawing close to him again and learning from his example. In Jesus, Friend of My Soul, Rupp guides us from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday illustrating both how Jesus called his followers to change and how his actions provide us a blueprint for growth.

Jesus, Companion in My Suffering
Lent can be a time of bearing heavy burdens, of carrying the worries, pains, and sorrows that weigh on our hearts. Joyce Rupp reminds us that even though we may feel alone during these times of personal distress, we have the loving, empathetic, and ever-present companionship of Jesus by our side. In Jesus, Companion in My Suffering, Rupp will guide you to see Jesus not only as someone who understands deeply what you have experienced but also as a teacher whose wisdom you can apply to your own life. By allowing Jesus to accompany you in times of trial, Rupp says, you’ll be encouraged to move toward more compassion for yourself and others.

Jesus, Guide of My Life
In this third installment in her trilogy of Lenten daily reflection books, Rupp offers her insight and personal experience of the power of the Gospel to shape our lives. She explains that the wisdom and reassurance of Jesus can “pilot us when we are caught in the stormy weather of grief and serve as guardrails when our minds travel on roads made of worry and self-deprecation.” Rupp will help us connect with Jesus as not only a teacher, healer, and counselor who sets direction for our lives, but also as “the Way” (Jn 14:6) in whom we abide in divine love.

Immerse yourself in this powerful Lenten Reflection Bundle and let Joyce Rupp be your trusted guide as you journey toward a more profound connection with Jesus. This bundle is not just a collection of books; it's an invitation to a transformative experience that will enrich your Lenten season and beyond.

Product Details

Pages: 384

Trim size: 5 x 7 inches

ISBN: 9781646803620

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “A joyful adventure.”

    “Lent has never been my favorite time of year, but Joyce Rupp makes the season a joyful adventure. She has reintroduced me to Jesus—a longtime friend whom I am able to see now with new eyes—and identifies simple yet profound ways I can model qualities of his life in my own. I love who I might become this Lent with this book in hand.”

    Ann M. Garrido
    Associate Professor of Homiletics
    Aquinas Institute of Theology

  • “My soul says yes to this Lenten devotional.”

    “My soul says yes to this Lenten devotional. Joyce’s balance of scripture, personal reflection, prayer, and action nourished me in a way that regrounded me in my yes to living the Way.”

    timone davis, DMin
    Professor of Pastoral Theology at Loyola University Chicago

  • “Points us back to our foundation.”

    “In a day and age when conflicting ideological views abound over what it means to be a Christian, we can count on Joyce Rupp to point us back to our foundation: the life and teaching of Jesus. Rupp has done it again in Jesus, Guide of My Life, and we will find rest for our weary souls.”

    Shannon K. Evans
    Spirituality editor for National Catholic Reporter and author of Feminist Prayers for My Daughter

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