This Flowing Toward Me

A Story of God Arriving in Strangers

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Format: Paperback

Publication date: March 1, 2009


What began in 1979 as a response to a random bulletin board posting would ultimately change Sister Marilyn Lacey's life—and the lives of countless refugees. In vivid prose, Sister Lacey narrates her twenty-five year spiritual journey of work with those displaced by conflict and disaster. In the spirit of Dead Man Walking, she invites us to solidarity with some of the world's most vulnerable.

Timely and engaging, This Flowing Toward Me offers fresh, personal insights into the world of refugees and international immigrants. More importantly, it stirs our hearts to remember the gospel mandate to welcome the stranger.

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Pages: 224

Trim size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 9781594711978

Imprint: Ave Maria Press

  • “Humor, insight, and compassion.”

    “With a lively mix of humor, insight, and compassion, Sr. Lacey invites those of us living behind locked doors in a world shuttered by homeland security to risk engaging unknown neighbors near and far, and there discover, perhaps to our unending surprise, that where we most felt threatened, a wealth of blessings instead awaits us.”

    From the foreword by Sr. Helen Prejean, C.S.J.

  • “An adventure story.”

    “Sr. Marilyn Lacey's account of her journey to and through the experience of working with refugees can be read, first of all, as an adventure story. Like all good adventure stories, it begins with action: an urgent call for volunteers, to which Sr. Marilyn responds out of genuine helpfulness, to be sure, but also out of hunger for a little excitement to break up the dullness of an administrative work day. From that small action, which fell like a seed into a receptive heart, all the subsequent adventures flowed.”


  • “A warm, personal, and inviting memoir.”

    “A warm, personal, and inviting memoir about one of the most important issues of our time—the refugee crisis—told through the eyes of a remarkable woman of faith. In Sr. Marilyn's beautiful new book, you will not only encounter a remarkable gathering of men and women, but also better understand how much the poor have to teach us about life, about hope, and about God.”

    Rev. James Martin, S.J.

  • “Timely and engaging.”

    “Timely and engaging, This Flowing Toward Me offers fresh, personal insights into the world of refugees and international immigrants. More importantly, it stirs the hearts of readers to remember the gospel mandate to welcome strangers.”

  • “A compelling narrative.”

    “The book is a compelling narrative of [Lacey's] life with the displaced who often exist in appalling conditions without sufficient food or clean water amid ongoing violence. They have been her teachers in her journey with God.”

    Catholic San Franciso

  • “A journey of discovery.”

    “Brings the problems and the humanity of world migration into sharp, specific focus. As Sr. Marilyn Lacey discovers the face of God in the displaced, she teaches us to honor the 'wake flame' of God's presence in our own lives and in those who are strangers to us. The book is a fitting introduction to her founding of the new nonprofit Mercy Beyond Borders, whose mission is to partner with displaced women and children overseas in ways that help them move up from extreme poverty.”

    Mercy International Association

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