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Healing—of body, mind, and spirit—is the heart of Jesus's teaching. There are a number of accounts in the gospels about encounters Jesus had with people seeking his healing love, including the woman at the well, Bartimaeus the blind man, the woman caught in adultery, and the rich young man.

Jesus also wants each of us to seek his healing grace. What's holding you back from being the person God created you to be? Through Ave Explores: Healing, you will learn what healing is, why you need it, why you resist it, and how a personal encounter with Christ is the true path to healing from shame, guilt, and sin.

Join host Katie Prejean McGrady and special guests—including Bob Schuchts, Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN, Leticia Ochoa Adams, and Heather Khym—as they share personal stories of healing and help you understand how the Lord can heal your familial wounds, addictions, grief, and trauma.



Week 1: The Introduction to Healing

This week Bob Schuchts shares how to begin one's journey of healing with prayer, the graces of the sacraments, spiritual direction, and therapy. 

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Week 2: Healing of the Heart and Mind

This week Fr. Sean Kilcawley and Regina Boyd share how healing is rooted in hope and leads us to deep, abiding joy.

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Week 3: Trauma and Wounds of Life

This week Roy Petitfils and Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN share their personal journeys and experiences of finding healing in Christ after trauma and other wounds.

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Week 4: Addiction

This week Scott Weeman and Rachael Killackey share how to seek healing from different forms of addiction, including drug, alcohol, and sexual addictions.

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Week 5: Grief

This week Leticia Ochoa Adams and Jennifer Hubbard share how to create a sanctuary of healing amidst great loss and tragedy.

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Week 6: A New Person

This week Jackie Mulligan and Heather Khym share practical ways to welcome healing power of Christ into your life.

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