Ave Explores Series

“If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.”
— St. John Vianney

Each week, Catholics all over the world fill the pews of their parishes to listen to the Word of God and receive the Body and Blood of Christ—the Eucharist. Even though we are present and participate in the Mass, we may not be fully aware of why the sacred liturgy is the most important act of worship we do as Catholics.

In Ave Explores: The Mass you will learn about the history and structure of the liturgy, how to combat distractions during the service, ways to be a more active participant in the homily, and how the Mass can transform your life.

Join Katie Prejean McGrady and special guests—including Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP; Deacon Greg Kandra; theologians Tim O’Malley and Susan M. Timoney; pastoral minister Shannon Wimp Schmidt; and authors Fr. Michael White and Tom Corcoran—for a multimedia look at the riches of Catholic worship.



Week 1: What Is the Mass?

Even though we sit in the pews and participate in the Mass, we may not fully understand what is actually happening, and why it is so important. This week explores answers to the questions of what the Mass is, why Catholics participate in the Mass, and why it is recognized as the most important act of worship.

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Week 2: Getting More Out of the Mass

This week offers practical ways that we can orient our mind, body, and soul before, during, and after Mass to get the most that we can out of it each week.

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Week 3: Diverse in Its Universality

This week considers how the Church is diverse in its universal nature. Topics covered include liturgical music, forms of liturgy, and how the Mass is celebrated across cultures and around the world.

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Week 4: How Does the Mass Change Us?

This week reflects on how the Mass changes us. As we receive the Body and Blood of Christ each week, our souls are purified and we are made new. 

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This week wraps up by sharing how we can best prepare ourselves to enter into the Mass to receive the Body and Blood of Christ and be transformed each week.

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